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Pilsen Demo - El Salvador - 18th Street

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Film Identifier: F.2005-08-0069
Run Time
0h 2m 55s
Mag Stripe
Date Produced
A short Super-8mm film, shot during a Chicago march to protest American policy in El Salvador during the Salvadoran Civil War, showing demonstrators and their banners. The film was shot on West 18th Street in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood on the Lower West Side.

Note: the magnetic soundtrack from this film has not be digitized at this time.
A group of demonstrators can be seen marching west on 18th Street around the intersection of W 18th and S Ruble streets. Par-a-Dise Klub, a longstanding bar that has since closed, is visible at the corner of 18th and S Halsted St. The group turns north on Halsted, passing by Universal Savings Bank (building has since been torn down), and then cuts left to continue on 18th St. The camera captures now-defunct Perez Lounge at 1122 W 18th St. We can also see Marcos Raya's “Homage a Diego Rivera Man at the Cross Roads” mural at 1147 W 18th St and Aurelio Diaz's mural at 18th and Racine (possibly “Unidos Para El Progreso”).

Protesters' signs include “Ejercito Y Oligarquia Asesinos / Guatemala Army and Oligarchy Assassins From 1954 To 1981 / 85,000 Murdered,” “Pilsen Community Committee For New Library 18th & Blue Island,” “End Racist Hiring,” and “No Draft No War / Stop U.S. Intervention in El Salvador.”
Main Credits
Stamets, Bill (is filmmaker)
Related Place
Chicago (represents)