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Mayoral Campaign, 1987 (secondary)

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Film Identifier: F.2005-08-0194
Run Time
0h 55m 56s
color and B&W
Mag Stripe
Date Produced
circa 1986
Various outtakes documenting the energetic 1987 mayoral campaign. The footage captures the highly publicized candidature of Harold Washington, Jane Byrne, Ed Vrdolyak, and Thomas Hynes, amongst a few others.;
Film begins with footage of a press conference held by Harold Washington’s campaign, wherein reporters also view a new television campaign ad. This is followed by footage of Washington discussing his intent as Mayor at a couple of political events; one of which takes place at International Longshoremens Association. Washington walking in the Downtown area (it seems to be near the Water Tower Place on Michigan Avenue; a Christmas tree can be seen in the background) accosted by members of the press and his campaign handler.

There is a brief interlude at Washington's Hampton House apartment in Hyde Park. An interview is being conducted, Washington describes his aparmtent as "comfortable and spacious" althought he doesn't get to spend much time there. The subsequent selction of shots feature Washington at a political event that takes place at the Jessie W. (Ma) Houston Prison Outpost.
Next, a brief interview with a woman at another campaign event, defending his administration against attacks from the media and his political opponents. There is a musical performance that includes a drummer and a belly dancer in front of a sketch of Washington. The upcoming segments are rather short; the first is of a press conference in which a community leader admonishes a campaign (not specified here) for using derogatory terms against Latinos and Hispanics. The second is of a brief interview between Washington and a WBEZ radio broadcaster.
The next sequence features Ed Vrdolyak with members of the press attacking Washington’s track record, accusing him of corruption, but most importantly, for not denouncing Louis Farrakhan. This is followed by a montage of television screens airing coverage of the election, breaking down the tally of supporters for each candidate. Washington is then shown at City Council, seated underneath a large Richard J. Daley poster while listeing to a quintet. This shot cuts to the Mayor posing with the Richard M. Daley and his family.
A press conference is shown regarding Jane Byrne’s record and her failure to secure the nomination from women’s groups, followed by Washington speaking at a campaign rally featuring a banner emblazoned with “Chicago Unity Reception.” 
A brief glimpse of supporters of Mondale – Ferraro’s campaign is shown, one which holds up a sign that says: “A worker voting for Reagan is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.” The followign shot birefly show a group of reporters interviewing a man. Richard Mell is pictured nearby.

The footage switches to briefly portray the annual St.Patricks day parade.The fooatge then depicts a  montage of camera crews, campaign posters, news broadcast headlines and an art installation. The montage is interrupted by shots of the Chicago River being dyed green. The footage goes on to continue capturing Harold Washington greeting supporters on the campaign trail as well as an R.V. decorated with posters for Jesus Garcia. 
The subsequent sequence features former mayor Jane Byrne giving a press conference as she meets with people who live at one of the projects for the Chicago Housing Authority. She is shown shaking hands, chatting with potential voters; a child then asks her why she doesn’t move there as she did with Cabrini-Green a few years back. There is a brief exchange, followed by an interview between the filmmaker and the group of children who posited the question.
 Extensive footage of a St. Patrick’s Day Parade is shown, followed by supporters of Thomas Hynes, another mayoral candidate in the race. The last few clips depict supporters of Sheila Jones handing out flyers in front of City Hall as a vehicle parked near them bears the sign “Sheila Jones says, ‘Stop Aids Now or You Could be Next!’”; a brief celebration of Chicago’s birthday featuring Washington, and a final scene of him speaking into a megaphone encouraging people to vote.;
Main Credits
Stamets, Bill (is filmmaker)
Actors, Performers and Participants
Washington, Harold (is participant)
Mary Ella Smith (is participant)
Byrne, Jane (is participant)
Gutiérrez, Luis (is participant)
Vrdolyak, Edward (is participant)
Thomas Hynes (is participant)
Jones, Sheila (is participant)
Jesse Jackson (is participant)
Daley, Richard M. (is participant)
Maggie Daley (is participant)
Richard Mell (is participant)
Related Place
Chicago (represents)