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Hesper and Phosphor Part 2

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Film Identifier: F.2016-04-0090
Run Time
0h 26m 7s
Date Produced
circa 1967
Hesper and Phosphor Part 2 features a variety of images superimposed on one another. Scenes that consistently appear throughout the film include: a woman in curlers, a man getting a haircut, a woman hand painting a small glass bottle, and a man carving a pumpkin.
Byron’s professor, Gregory Markopoulos, had started to use a particular film rhythm by rewinding and double exposing the film using the variable shutter lever of his Bolex camera—“camera editing” as opposed to physically splicing scenes together. Byron’s film, Hesper and Phosphor Part 2, expands upon Gregory’s single frame technique and begins exploring multiple exposures in-camera.
This film was Byron’s graduate thesis project at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), although the panel was not impressed. One member even commented, “Grush needs to learn more about art. “ However, Byron still received the first MFA in Filmmaking from SAIC. 
Main Credits
Grush, Byron (is filmmaker)
Related Place
Chicago (production location of)