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12-3-57 Negative..Stock Show Select Grand Champion Steer

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Film Identifier: F.2012-03-1169
Run Time
0h 7m 20s
Date Produced
Snippets of a news report depicting young newlyweds awarded the "Championship Steer" at the 1957 Chicago International Livestock Exposition with their cow, whom they've named "Honeymoon."

Since these are outtakes, the footage switches back and forth, capturing excerpts of the judging process as well as the couple's ultimate win at different intervals. The first four minutes are silent, but audio can be clearly heard in the remainder of the film. 
Film begins with footage of cattle showcased inside a big stadium, with hundreds of onlookers. Next sequence captures a woman who has clearly won the competition; the judges approach her with a microphone and trophy. Hordes of photographers can be seen taking pictures. 

The next scene shows different steer being meticulously groomed by their owners. The final sequence reveals more footage of the young couple who have won the competition; the wife tells reporters that they hope to take the prize money and invest in some land, starting their own farm. 

The steer was later sold to radio personality Arthur Godfrey for a record price of $30 per pound, a record that still holds today. Honeymoon's hide can be seen at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City.
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