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SERIES IV: Misc Audio Formats

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Series Identifier: S.2011-05-0004
Preservation Sponsor: National Endowment for the Arts ;Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation;Illinois State Historical Records Advisory Board
Inclusive Dates
1922 - 1999
Bulk Dates
1950 - 1988
SERIES IV of the Ruth Page Collection includes 1/4" reel to reel audio formats digitized and restored by Experimental Sound Studio.
The Ruth Page Collection is organized into five series:

SERIES I: Motion Picture Film of Performances, Rehearsals & Home Movies (S.2011-05-0001)
SERIES II: Open Reel Video of Performances & Rehearsals (S.2011-05-0002)
SERIES III: Betacam Video of Interviews (S.2011-05-0003)
SERIES IV: Misc Audio Formats (S.2011-05-0004)
SERIES V: Unprocessed Video Duplicates (S.2011-05-0005) 

SERIES I includes 16mm and 35mm prints and elements within the collection. These prints and elements include footage of performances, rehearsals, television specials as well as home movies shot in Indonesia in the late 1920's and unrelated advertising spots. Also included in this series are distribution prints, workprints and elements of the 1978 documentary "Ruth Page: An American Original" and 35mm preservation elements and prints of Bolero [1930, Highland Park, Ravinia] and Carmen [1930, Highland Park, Ravinia], which were preserved thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation. The 16mm prints were digitized in-house at Chicago Film Archives, while the 35mm prints were digitized at Colorlab.

SERIES II includes 2", 1" and 1/2" open reel video formats. These videos include footage of performances, rehearsals and television specials. The majority of the 1" videos are previous film transfers of select motion picture titles found in Series I, while the majority of the 1/2" videos contain unique footage of performances and rehearsals. The 2" video was digitized by DC Video while all 1" and 1/2" were digitized by Bay Area Video Coalition. 

SERIES III includes Betacam and Betacam SP video interviews conducted by Thea Flaum, creator and producer of the Ruth Page Video Archive. Interviewees include Ruth Page, Freddie Franklin, Larry Long, Patricia Klekovich, Kenneth Johnson, Delores Long and Clive Barnes, among others. These videos were digitized by Bay Area Video Coalition. 

SERIES IV includes 1/4" reel to reel audio formats digitized and restored by Experimental Sound Studio.

SERIES V includes VHS and U-Matic duplicates of the Betacam interviews found in Series III. The majority of these duplicates have time-code burned into the image. None of the videos in Series V have been processed, digitized or published to the Ruth Page Finding Aid. 

PROCESSING UPDATE (July 24, 2014): All unique film, video and audio (in good condition) within Series I, II and IV are currently published and streaming on the Ruth Page Finding Aid under "Collection Items". None of these materials have been fully cataloged yet and are currently in the process of being cataloged by a dance specialist thanks to a grant from the NEA and the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation. Series III items will be fully published by August/September 2014, with the cataloging of this series also forthcoming. More on CFA's decision to accelerate the publishing of the Ruth Page Collection items here
Language of Materials
Access Restrictions
This collection is open to on-site access. Appointments must be made with Chicago Film Archives. Due to the fragile nature of the films, only video copies will be provided for on-site viewing