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David Gray Collection

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Collection Identifier: C.2011-11
Extent of collection
27 reels of 16mm film totaling 3,675 feet.
Inclusive Dates
1931 - 1964
Bulk Dates
1931 - 1939
The David Gray Collection contains home movies shot by Uriel Hadley of St. Louis, Missouri. Highlights include footage shot at the Chicago World’s Fair (A Century of Progress International Exhibition) in 1933-34, the St. Louis Botanical Gardens and holiday celebrations with the family. Hadley worked for Eastman Kodak and he often shot these home movies on or with the latest technology being developed by the company.
Hadley, Uriel (was created by)
Uriel Hadley worked in the Research and Development Department at the Eastman Kodak Company. He lived in St. Louis, Missouri and is the great-uncle of David Gray.
Language of Materials
Hadley, Uriel
1930s: Baby Danley
1930s: Baby Kent
1930s: Danley & Kent - Family Picnic
1930s: Easter - Children’s Birthday Party
1930s: Family Scenes - Photo Shoot of Horse