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329 West 18th Street Suite #317
Chicago, Illinois 60616
(312) 243-1808

Film & Home Movie Transfers

CFA can provide telecine transfers of your celluloid home movies to DVD or external hard drive. We offer this service at the following cost:


Super 8mm film .20 per foot
Regular 8mm film .20 per foot
16mm film .20 per foot


Processing Fee $15 per order


Digital Files $0 (drive provided by client)
First DVD $25
DVD Duplicates $15 each


All shipping charges handled by customer.

You can estimate the transfer cost by the following schedule:

50’ reel (3” diameter) $10
100’ reel (4” diameter) $20
200’ reel (5” diameter) $40
300’ reel (6” diameter) $60
400’ reel (7” diameter) $80

If film appears damaged or if it has rough splices, CFA will inspect and make light repairs at a cost of $100 per hour. All initial estimates will include thirty minutes of potential repairs and supplies. This fee will be waived if no repairs are necessary. We will notify client if repair costs exceed thirty minutes.

For more information call (312) 243-1808, or email
brian [at]