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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0066
Run Time
0h 29m 59s
Date Produced
circa 1961
Unedited reel of Paris, France. Footage includes Arc de Triomphe and other stunning architecture, busy streets, sunsets, mountain landscapes, and George S. May Organization interiors. Much of the footage is dark. See 2005-01-0068 for better print of first 15:57 of this film.
00:00 - VS dark footage busy sidewalks, girl sells papers, Arc de Triomphe in background 02:44 - MLS Paris two story home from across street and SA 04:16 - LS FA Arc de Triomphe from median of busy street 05:27 - MLS, HA large building on corner of busy street, MCU memorial statue, LS Var architectural building landmarks [?], people walking under street covered with architectural arch 09:34 - street, man guides horse with cart full of goods on foot, VS other carts along street 10:28 - HA cloudy cityscape 13:29 - blown out VS city architecture with cars and trolleys driving by 15:58 - LS sunsets, clouds, snowy mountain tops and lakes from plane window 22:45 - HA dusk lake with cloudy sky, dark mountains, LS PAN mountain landscape, sunset 24:20-29:59 - dark interior, informational display with sign “George S. May”, offices and meeting rooms, woman at reception desk
Related Place
Paris (production location of)