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Making A Sound Film

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Film Identifier: F.2005-01-0041
Run Time
0h 12m 43s
Date Produced
Instructional film by International Film Bureau on how to create a film with sound. Techniques are demonstrated by adding sound to an informative film about a couple composed of a deaf man and a blind woman.
00:03 - Titles. Music plays over footage of a man, woman, scenic views of light through treetops and a street with stone walls. Synchronized film is explained, with CU on the equipment of a film crew including microphone, tape recorder, camera and clap slate. 04:12 - Explanation of transferring and synching film. MS and CU in the editing room, where a woman is at work using a sound box, grease pencil, scissors and a synchronizer. Scenes from the dramatic film are used as illustration. Voice over, sound effects and music are also covered in the same way. 10:38 - Explanation of the separate tracks of sound and sound mixing. MS and CU in the mixing room with numerous recorders, creating the master track. Brief footage of the woman sitting on a rock wall as the man walks down the beach.
Additional Credits
International Film Bureau (is contributor)
Related Place
United States (production location of)